Fish Traps

Fish Traps


Exclusive Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints (German Etching Paper or Stretched Canvas)

By Stefan Carty 2020 © Carty Fine Arts Studios ©

Fish Traps is Stefan’s rendition of one of his favorite paintings in his father’s collection. It’s an early morning sunrise on the west end of St. Croix and two fishermen (father and son) are out with their traps looking to make their haul. The reflection of the sun dancing on the water gives this portrait life.

Did you know that Fish pots/traps were so effective at catching fish & lobsters that laws were once passed to restrict their use. The Danes passed laws controlling the opening and mesh to help protect certain sizes and species from being over harvested.

*All Archival Pigment Prints on stretched Canvas comes complete with stretch bars ready to be framed at the collectors frame preference.
*All Archival Pigment Prints on German Etching Paper will be delivered as shown (rolled or flat) and the fine art collector will frame and matte at his/her personal preference.
*The Carty Fine Art Studios Watermarking on all images are on the web images ONLY. Purchased artwork will not have watermarks.

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